I have just returned from a dinner party hosted by Kevin Kossowan and I’d have to say it was certainly a wonderful experience.

I always enjoy spending time with people who love and understand food. Even though the conversations may not always be vegan I can still appreciate them and give input. In his backyard there is a wood burning cob oven where Kevin and a few of the guests cooked pizzas for everyone. 

Originally I was apprehensive about attending  because I’m always nervous to share food with strangers because I never know how they will react to my veganism but everyone was fantastic about it. I’m typically used to people either being very aggressive towards veganism or overly apologetic/sensitive however it was nice for once to share a meal with people I’d never met, who just treated me like I was normal.

The first pizza was made with a ton of different greens, some cooked some fresh, and it was absolutely amazing! I’m not even 100% sure what all of the greens were but I know there was garlic olive oil, maldon salt, arugula leaves, young asparagus, chive flowers, I think there was kale, and then arugula flowers.

Holy crap arugula flowers are so incredible! They start off sweet and then gets kind of nutty and then finally that peppery taste of arugula suddenly hits you.

The second pizza had pink lady apples, mustard greens, canola oil, and I can’t remember the rest. Admittedly I feel bad that this one ended up being a vegan pizza because I can honestly say that it would’ve been ace with something like gorgonzola on top.Nonetheless it was still very lovely.

One of the things I’d found most remarkable was Kevin’s one hour garden, which you can read more about here. Basically it’s his big “F-ck you!” to society and the idea that making and growing your own food is time consuming. The garden is actually in his front yard and the concept around it is that in total, seeding and maintaining the garden, will only take him an hour or less. This hour or less time cap isn’t talking about per day either, he means for the entire growing season. So far he said he’s taken about 22 mins to get as far as he has and it’s looking pretty good. I’d highly suggest reading about it and watching the video if you can.

Edit: I just saw on twitter that the greens pizza had kale, collards, arugula, and lettuce.

This post is posted on Friday 15 June 2012.
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